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Fees and expenses


It is important to make good arrangements for fees and expenses. At Reyns Advocaten we opt for transparent and clear arrangements.

For most matters where we become involved, we offer an all-in fixed fee.

The fees and expenses in the context of a purchase and sale of real property amount to a fixed 1% of the price + 21% VAT.

You also need to take into account the following expenses on the purchase of real property: 

  • notary charges
  • charges for registration in the land registry

In addition, transfer taxes (stamp duties) must be paid. These are calculated on a percentage basis relative to the purchase price:

  • between € 1.00 and € 400,000.00 : 8%
  • between € 401,000.00  and € 700,000.00: 9%
  • above € 701,000.00: 10%

Exception: on the purchase of a new-build the taxes amount to 10% VAT + 1.5% stamp duties irrespective of the purchase price.

Note: these taxes can vary depending on the region.